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“Thanks, Dr. Quarneri. I feel fantastic!”


Dr. Paul Quarneri works closely with each patient to educate them about their condition and to personalize treatment to fit their needs. He values the comfort of his patients above all, and takes pride in his ability to get each patient the comprehensive help they need. Below are just a few of the stories from patients whose lives were improved thanks to treatments from Dr. Quarneri.

Jamie R. – Redwood City, CA

CONDITION: Forward neck syndrome/ lower back pain caused by disc degeneration.

Marcus L. – San Mateo, CA

CONDITION: Forward neck syndrome/ lower back pain caused by disc degeneration.

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    Hands down the best out here in the Bay.

    Ruba R.

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    I saw Dr Quarneri for some intense back pain. Within two sessions I was nearly pain free.

    Yoyoma N.

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    Dr Paul has saved my back. He is straight to the point and does everything in a professional way.

    Dean J.

Shirley F. – San Francisco, CA

CONDITION: Forward neck syndrome/lower back pain caused by disc degeneration.

TESTIMONIAL: Having never been to a chiropractor out of skepticism and mistrust of the medical profession in general, I was quite reluctant to meet with Dr. Quarneri. However, at the urging of a good friend, I meet with him for an assessment.

To my great surprise, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He immediately put me at ease and I felt as though he had no place else to be and had all the time in the world to talk with me. I was given a very thorough evaluation, including blood pressure testing, flexibility diagnosis and x-rays. He spent time drawing diagrams, explaining my condition and answering all my questions. At the next meeting, his associate spent time going over the x-rays so that I could understand my condition on another level.

Dr. Quarneri told me that after the treatments I would feel so good and that I would wonder how I had lived all this time with the discomfort and pain. And he was right!

One of Dr. Quarneri’s greatest assets is dealing with the entire body, not just focusing on the problem areas. His theory is that everything is inter- related. Tightness and lack of flexibility in one area of the body can impact many other areas. Therefore, he makes recommendations on exercises, posture, vitamins and even sleep habits. Following his suggestions, my flexibility and posture have improved, the stiffness and ache in my neck and the pain in my lower back has been greatly diminished.

In addition, his staff is very caring, knowledgeable and always accommodating.

Diane R. – San Francisco, CA

CONDITION: I believed I had a pinched nerve at the base of my neck – thinking that I had slept in a bad position. I assumed the pain would go away in a few days so lived through it. After 2 ½ to 3 weeks it was not getting better. I NEEDED HELP! I went to the yellow pages to find an acupuncturist. After describing my situation to one, she suggested that I see a chiropractor instead, and recommended Dr. Quarneri at Neurolink. I would never guess that I would see a “Snap and Crack Quack” person.

TESTIMONIAL: The x-rays did show a pinched nerve at the 6th and 7th vertebrae. The treatment from Dr. Quarneri, along with the use of several machines, i.e. the roller that would go up and down the spine, the traction machine, and the heat and electrodes, made a tremendous difference in just four treatments. I am no longer being awakened in the night from severe pain and I am not relying on Ibuprofen for relief. Besides alleviating the pain in the neck and down the arm, I feel fantastic!! Thanks Dr. Quarneri!

Carol L. – San Francisco, CA

CONDITION: I had not been to a chiropractor in a year. My neck, back and whole body needed help. I am an Electrologist and my body bends and twists to work on my clients.

TESTIMONIAL: Working with Dr. Paul is a dream come true. He keeps my body fine-tuned so I have no pain. I am also completely flexible in my ability to move all my limbs to accommodate my clients’ needs. Dr. Paul is thorough, competent, caring and totally knowledgeable in his profession! If you want to feel better, stay healed, be confident that you are in good hands, then Dr. Paul Quarneri is the only doctor you should consider for your health needs.

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